Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ear wax and why does it cause a problem ?

    Ear wax is a natural protection, lubrication and defence against foreign bodies & infection for the skin of the ear canal. It is normal to produce ear wax and this in itself is not a problem. Difficulties can arise if the normal and natural migration of the wax out of the ear canal is impeded (for example by wearing a hearing aid) or slowed (as can happen as part of the ageing process). Sometimes wax can build up and form a plug spontaneously and for no particular reason. When these type of problems arise, discomfort and hearing loss can occur and the best way to ease this is for the wax to be professionally cleared.
  • Why is microsuction preferable to having your ears syringed ?

    Syringing is an option however there are risks associated with this. The eardrum can be damaged by irrigation with water and sometimes the ear wax is actually pushed further into the ear by an unsuccessful syringing. Microsuction is different because the ear canal remains visible to the professional whilst the process is taking place and there is no introduction of water into the ear. It is generally regarded by medical professionals as the preferred ear wax removal technique and is the treatment most likely to provide full and total clearance of problematic wax.
  • Can anyone have their ears micro suctioned ?

    should read ‘is required to sit still’(not lie)
  • Is microsuction safe ?

    Yes. There is sometimes a bit of noise as the wax is suctioned away but the treatment is both safe and effective. Our staff are highly skilled professionals with years of experience and relevant training.
  • Does it hurt ?

    Not normally. Whilst it can feel a little strange to have wax removed from the ear canal, the process is fast, effective and without pain in the overwhelming majority of cases. Some people with extremely sensitive ears can experience mild discomfort, however this is likely to be the case whichever clearance method they choose to undergo.
  • How long does it take ?

    On average the treatment takes between five and ten minutes for examination and clearance of both ears.
  • Do I need to do anything before I attend my appointment ?

    Whilst not essential, it is helpful to use a few drops of olive oil or an alternative product* to soften the wax prior to your treatment. There are some cases where this is not a good idea - for example if you have a history of perforated eardrum - however this can be discussed in more detail at the time of booking your appointment. A history of perforated eardrum does NOT prevent you from having wax removed by microsuction.

    *See your pharmacist or call us for further advice.
  • What if treatment doesn’t work ?

    If we are unable to remove wax then a £30 consultation fee will apply
  • How often will I need my ears clearing ?

    This is very variable between different people. Sometimes one clearance is enough for many years whereas for others treatment is required every few months. We can offer a free examination of your ears at any time and if clearance is required this can usually be done at the same appointment.
  • How Quickly can I be seen ?

    If there is availability we will offer you a same day appointment
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