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Jo Jolly RHAD, MSHAA is an Ex Nurse and has over 20 years experience in Audiology she has seen over 20,000 clients for Ear Wax Removal by Micro suction. Charles Avery & Sukhina Sidhu-Gill joins us as Clinical Audiologists. They both have a wealth of expertise in the NHS and private sectors.

We remain extremely competitive and usually have same day appointments available.


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Welcome to Cleaner Ears

We request that all clients wear a mask 😷 in the waiting area and throughout the treatment, we appreciate your help in keeping us all safe whilst infection rates are high.

CLEANER EARS is located within Ruislip Ear Care in Ruislip, Middlesex, Hampstead Ear Care NW3 6JP & Wembley Ear Clinic - Alperton

CLEANER EARS is the only clinic within Middlesex to have a FULL TIME Ear Wax Removal Clinic.

Jo Jolly RHAD, MSHAA is an Ex Nurse and has over 20 years experience in Audiology she has seen over 20,000 clients for Ear Wax Removal by Micro suction.

We remain extremely competitive and usually have same day appointments available.

Softening the wax is not always necessary before removal so we will do everything we can to remove your Ear Wax in one visit.

If softening treatment is required we would always recommend EAROL Olive Oil Spray.


There are numerous methods of ear wax removal. Some can be performed at home, while others must be performed by a professional. Here we have outlined the different methods and the pros and cons of each one:

Ear Drops

Ear drops can be bought from the chemist over the counter and are the cheapest method of wax removal. Ear drops are commonly marketed as a cheap way of removing earwax at home. For an ordinary member of the public, the choice of different branded and unbranded products can be overwhelming. Here are some of the different types.

Ear Sprays

Ear sprays can be water-based or oil-based. They usually incorporate a conical nozzle that is placed into the entrance of the ear canal and the spray is then applied.

Ear Syringing / Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation is normally performed by a GP practice nurse, a disrict nurse, and by some Audiologists. Traditionally, a meal ear syringe was loaded with warm water, the metal tip placed into the ear canal. The water was then squirted into the ear canal and a kidney dish was held under the ear to catch the water and and wax that was flushed out.

Dry Instrument Removal

Dry instrument ear wax removal is normally performed by an ENT surgeon or an Audiologist. The pratitioner uses a selection of different shaped instruments called Jobson Horne probes or curettes. These are like miniature spoons and loops that are used to hook or scoop the wax from the ear canal. It is normally perfomed under illumination.


Micro suction is made up of two words: “Micro” refers to the operating microscopes that can either be large floor standing units, or can be incorporated into glasses, in whch case they are known as operating loupes. “Suction” refers to the medical suction pump that is attached to a tube and a 2 millimetre suction wand, which is used to suction the wax from your ear. Micro suction requires a good knowledge of the anatomy of the ear, along with training in how to safely use the equipment. For this reason, microsuction is performed by ENT surgeons and Audiologists, who both specialise in the ear, and by specialist nurses who have had further training. Micro suction only removes wax from the ear – because it doesn’t spray water into the ear it is safe to use after ear surgery, or when the eardrum is perforated. The Micro Suction Practitioner uses a powerful operating microscope and a bright light source, so he or she can see exactly what is happening inside your ear, so the procedure is the safest of all.

  • Pros: safest method; can be used after ear surgery; can be used where the eardrum is or has been perforared; painless; virtually no risk of infection; usually quick
  • Cons: possible slight discomfort if wax hasn’t been pre-softened; can sometimes require a second visit (in the case of severly impacted wax); some people find it a little noisy (although clinical studies show that the noise levels are safe)
Ear wax (cerumen) is naturally occurring in our ears. It is designed to protect our ears against foreign bodies and infection with its antibacterial and lubricating properties. Those who wear hearing aids, have anatomically narrower or hairier ear canals, or who use cotton buds are more likely to produce a larger volume of wax. They may require ear wax removal services more often than others. Symptoms like ear pain, dizziness or hearing loss can be indicative of a blockage in the ear due to excess wax. Since the ears are so sensitive, they require careful attention throughout any ear cleaning procedure. There are many options for ear wax removal in Harrow, but microsuction is the safest, most hygienic, and effective of these methods.
Ear cleaning techniques include microsuction, irrigation, candling, syringing and manual instrument extraction. Microsuction is regarded so highly for ear wax removal because it offers a reduced risk of damage to the eardrum. It involves a finely-calibrated suction device, akin to a small vacuum cleaner, and a microscope to ensure a clear view of the anatomical structures of the ear. This equipment is conveniently portable, so the ear wax removal can be performed easily from a clinic in Ruislip to a patient’s own home or workplace. The procedure is painless, and is usually complete within twenty minutes.
Undergoing ear wax removal can provide immediate relief of ear symptoms for patients so, unsurprisingly, there is a great demand for the microsuction service. The procedure can be performed in an ear cleaning clinic in Harrow or at a location of the patient’s choice. A full medical history is taken, followed by ear examination and microsuction if indicated, as well as professional advice on maintaining good ear hygiene. The audiologist may advise on any drops or sprays that can be bought in pharmacies across Harrow to aid this. The price can vary depending on location and whether a prescription is needed for after-care in the case of ear canal irritation/inflammation or infection.
We are proud to offer flexible and immediate appointments in Harrow. If you are outside of Harrow, there may be a surcharge for travel time. Our bookings run throughout the day at times convenient to you. Our website boasts a selection of honest reviews for you to scroll through, so you can see for yourself what real patients have experienced in opting for our service. With a team of qualified Audiologists, you can be assured that the care you receive will be thorough and supported by a wealth of experience and knowledge. We work within our limitations, and any ear problems that extend beyond our capabilities will be referred to your local Harrow GP to ensure safe and continued care.

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  • Have you heard of Cleaner Ears? I have and I've never heard better.
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"I have been suffering from earwax buildup for a long period of time to the point where it was affecting my hearing and really making me uncomfortable.I have been to 2 other places before CleanerEars but they were the ones who really helped me out."

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