A spring clean the Japanese way By Christopher Hogg BBC News, Tokyo
August 16, 2015
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A vacuum rather than a syringe might help clear it

Carrie Roberts said the procedure was "miraculous" Carrie Roberts is in her 40s and has an ear wax problem. She had her ears syringed at the GPs several times, tried hot oil with no success - and ended up with both ears blocked. Ms Roberts decided to pay for micro-suction treatment, where the ear canal is cleaned with an instrument like a tiny vacuum cleaner. Prof Saeed prefers this method to syringing. "With syringing you are going in 'blind' - not under direct vision. If you use water it has to get past the wax and come back, bringing the wax with it. "If there is no gap it can't get through and it shouldn't be forced. It is uncommon to damage the ear drums during syringing, but it does happen." With the micro-suction the whole procedure is carried out whilst looking into the ear canal with a microscope. Carrie said the procedure was "painless, a little noisy and very quick". She adds: "It felt like one of those things they put in your mouth at the dentist to suck water out while you are having a filling, but in your ear. It has been miraculous." Carrie is a convert. "I will go every time now. Much better than syringing as I didn't feel dizzy and faint afterwards, it was much quicker and I didn't have to mess about with olive oil for a week first. Complete scam, not safe - do your research first. ByMr. J. J. Heyneke "jdog1000"on 26 August 2014 Verified Purchase This product is not only a scam, but it's potentially harmful. I used it for weeks thinking it would help my ears. Eventually I tested the product by placing the candle into an empty glass and lighting it. After the candle finished burning, not only did it contain the exact same yellow wax that I previously thought was coming from my ears, but it also left a layer of wax in the bottom of the glass! In other words - the candle pushes it's own wax into our ear! And the wax found inside the candle is from the candle itself, not your ears. I can't believe this product is even allowed to be sold.

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